Fctools single ended rail squares

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Hi frank here from fctools we updated on the new system on my rail squares now they come in two pieces so u order the festool ect side and u get the head and the plate together.This gives you a size of 250mm plus 185mm for the head part given you a total size of 430mm.This plate does two things if u need it to 1. It’s double sided so if u have the festool head side and you buy Mafell or  bosch saw then you can buy other head to suit.Meaning u now have a double ended hybrid rail square. 2 You can also buy the ultra plate to turn it into an ultra square by adding the additional plate to the opposite end of the plate given u a 620mm long square. And last if u buy the hybrid rail square it comes in two half’s which u can separate and add an ultra plate in the middle therefore creating a double ended hybrid ultra square. These are in production as from mon so will be able to preorder from Wednesday thanks for all ur support.

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Standard, Ultra Plate


Mafell, Festool

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