(NEW) Domino Alignment Jig XL System Deluxe; (900 LONG PLATE)


Made from the same aircraft aluminium and precision engineered like our  famous hybrid rail squares. Designed and manufactured in Glasgow. The Domino Alignment Jig or DAJ System is the first of its kind. and will work with the 500 and now with the 700xl on one system


This pack contains a A DAJ System & a Deluxe DCS plate (no plastic)

7 in stock (can be backordered)

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The NEW Domino Alignment Jig XL is the first of its kind and does exactly what it says on the tin. Take your Dominos to the next level with this system which guarantees you will say goodbye to steps when making any kind of cabinet.

The standard DAJ does not come with the DCS . Only buy this if you have a DCS, if you are ordering for a 700xl its £30 more as now all new DAJ plates do both the 500 and the 700xl

This Deluxe package comes with both a Deluxe DCS plate & DVS which have no plastic whatsoever. They feature bespoke aluminium screws & handles.



  1. Andrew Kipps

    The DAJ is a fantastic addition to Frank’s other superbly designed and engineered tools. I started with the Festool FC Rail Square and Repetitive Stop and found the engineering tolerances to be very accurate with perfect results each and every time.

    I have further invested in the DAJ system and latterly with the XL700 DCS with the two sets of pins for use on the guide system. Once again after some initial tests with DF500 DCS plate in the DAJ I have confirmed confidence in the accuracy and easy set up to produce ultra accurate joints with no steps.

    In fact the only issue I had was with the inaccuracy of the Domino DF500 base, having the old pin version and the newer paddle version of the jointing machine, I used one machine for the DCS cuts and another for the vertical cuts and found a discrepancy of approximately 0.5mm. I now use the fence on the machine for vertical cuts set at exactly 9mm for 18/9 boards with the FC vertical guide, this counters Festool’s disparity between older and newer machines and/or manufacturing inaccuracy.

    The XL 700 DCS with its double set of pins align perfectly with the DAJ rail, again with exacting tolerance, so I am guaranteed very accurate, tight domino slots on the narrow setting.

    Thanks Frank for another perfectly executed tool to create perfectly aligned domino joints with speed and ease, I am finding Frank’s creations with their design, engineering and precise accuracy extremely addictive.

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