Universal Router Insert Plate Deluxe Kit


Introducing the new FC TOOLS Universal Router Insert Plate . It will take all the battery trimmers, It can be levelled with the four m8 grub screws before fixing down . It can also be removed from its mini router box and be flipped over and you can fit the two bespoke handles and use it as a large router plate

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FIRST OF ITS KIND a insert plate that will take all the battery trimmer . This idea came to me on a job i was on that the client wanted all the skirtings and facings change to just a pencil round . this was a massive two story house so i screwed my battery dewalt trimmer to a bit of 6mm plastic and screwed it onto a box i knocked up and now i was running the mdf thought the small router table that i now have created . Found this to be so much faster and no very tired hands anymore . Came in so handy i got onto designing this bad boy . I have also added two m8 holes to the plate and with two of my handles screwed onto it you know can use it on its own as a large router base.  I have also designed four corner pieces that you don’t need to make a rebate in your lid you just cut out the shape of the plate and add the aluminium corners which allows you to drop the plate in and adjust the Height and screw it down ready to go. This kit contains the full package. Includes 2 Handles and Adjustable Corner Plates

  1. andyribblevalley (verified owner)

    Superlative design, quality and engineering once again from Frank. As with all my purchases I am never disappointed. Thanks Frank 👍🙂

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