The all new FC Hinge Jig made in Scotland by a tradesman

This incredible jig has various different accessories you can buy for specific purposes. See available accessories.

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The fc hinge jig is in stock and you can build it to suit your needs. So you start with the hinge jig itself ie the deluxe with 4” blocks or 3” blocks. Then you can add the accessories if you need them ie small leaf hinge pack the rebated door packs 3D printed ones or the aluminium ones this will depend on the style of the step on the hinge blocks themselves. Last thing is the 3” inserts for dropping the 4” blocks down to suit the 3” hinges again you can pick one or three. ALL information on everything you need to know about using this is on the rails so the rails are your instruction manual. Thank and enjoy hanging your doors.

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Single, Standard, Deluxe

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