DCS 700 XL Deluxe

DCS 700 XL Deluxe


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The new DCS 700 XL Deluxe has the plastic screws and handle removed . Now comes with the bespoke stainless steel screws and the bespoke aluminium T handle.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Nigel Taylor

    I use my DF700 for everything from 4×20’s up to 14×140’s and i’ve struggled at the smaller end using the Domi-Shim and adjusting the fence, then it moves over a period of time…well you guys know the score!

    The DCS 700XL is the best addition to the DF700 possible in my option. Fit and forget, straight in to use with no setting up, what could be simpler and just like all of the F C Tools range made to last from high quality materials by a quality tradesman to make our lives easier.

    Big thanks to Frank for developing this tool!

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